Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A few pics of the dudes

Here are my cute boys giving each other some lovin' before Jacob's baseball game.



**Remember to click on the picture to see it bigger...blogger cuts off the right side!

Photo week 18

18/52, originally uploaded by jhdevenny.

Here is her 18 week pic....and her 9 month pic is soon to follow! (although it may be tomorrow). Hey, that rhymes. :)

Anyway, my little crawling girl. She is as fast as lightening!

Monday, April 27, 2009

39 weeks

This was the title of an email I got this morning from the photography company who took Eden's pictures in the hospital. "Your baby at 39 weeks." They send weekly informative updates on where your baby might be developmentally and what to expect. I usually ignore them and mark them as junk, but today's caught my eye.

39 weeks. I was pregnant for 39 weeks, to the day and now she's 39 weeks old. It's crazy that I was pregnant for that long. It seems like she has been here forever! Then again, it seems like she was just born. Crazy how fast 39 weeks can go by!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dennis strikes again....

All was quiet in our house. Eden and Parker were napping and Jacob was playing cards. I was sitting here checking my email when I heard a rustling in the kitchen. I tiptoed in to see who it was and the pantry door was open. I peeked in and ran for my camera immediately before I could be seen!

Parker had pulled the step stool up to my spice rack that hangs on the wall of my pantry. He had taken a large container of sprinkles and was DRINKING them!

Little punk!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Before and After

Playing with pictures is pretty fun. Sometimes you take a cute picture (below) but something is wrong with it. In this case, it was way too dark and there was a huge glare spot on Eden's head. I tried my best to fix the picture but adding many different processes to it, but I haven't yet figured out how to get rid of the glare spots. ( have to click on the picture for the full view. For some reason, the parameters of my blog are set up such that it cuts the right side off of every picture. Once you click on it, above the picture it will say "all sizes". Click there and you can view it large. :))


At least I made it somewhat viewable! And yes, currently Eden is by far my favorite subject. Parker and Jacob are at the age where they 'try' to smile, which just results in a very dorky looking face.

Mom of the year story

Well you all know I am Mom of the year, right? (NOT!!) Well, here's my latest reason why.

Yesterday, I took Eden to the gym while the boys were in school. I had them hold off her bottle so that I could give it to her afterwards and she would fall asleep on the way home. I picked her up at about 1:00 from the childcare and went over to the cafe in the gym to get some lunch for myself. I had her formula measured out into the bottle, so all I needed to do was add water. They have a hot water canister by the coffee pot, so I filled half with hot water and then went over to the soda machine to fill the rest with cold water. I pushed the water button (which is located under one of the sodas). I filled the bottle up to the appropriate ounce but I noticed the foam was going crazy over the sides of the bottle, like lava! I glanced up at the water button, only to read that it was "SODA WATER"!!! Crap!!

I had no more formula and Eden was beyond pissed that her bottle was late. So, she got a half water, half soda water bottle!

Disclaimer: She wasn't gassy, fussy or unsatisfied with the bottle in any way.

Oh, and one more thing, on a serious note. Being a good mom is so hard. I typically like to be close to perfect at what I do. Whatever I do, I like/need to do it as well as I can and preferably better than anyone else could do it. It is the perfectionist in me, I can't help it. It's not a good quality, but it's me; love it or hate it. But being a perfect mom is impossible. Being a good mom is even hard. Most days there are many times where I have said or reacted in a way that is unnecessary. In other words, the reaction could and should have been better. Arrrgh. How frustrating it is so be semi-OK at your job! I see these moms who are so calm and collected with their kids. Their kids never screech in public, throw their lunch on the floor or look dirty. Their kids say 'Yes Ma'am' and 'no Sir' at all times. They spend a good portion of the day with their kids doing constructive things like teaching, reading, etc. It is all I can do to get mine dressed, fed and out the door. Who knew a perfectionist like me would have a job where I preformed middle of the road. I like to be the best. But I can''s just too hard!!

3 Edens

3 Edens, originally uploaded by jhdevenny.

Here is the photo for week 17. I know I already did one for this week, but somehow my habit of posting pictures on Sundays has messed me up...and I was one week behind! This is technically the 17th week of 2009, so here we go.

Eden playing in the mirror!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


My facebook status today says it all.

Wake up, kids, run, weights, errands, groceries, pick up, clean, practice, cook, feed, bathe, make lunches, clean, laundry, shower, bed. Rinse and Repeat. Man, I'm tired.

Calgon, take me away..please!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Parker video

Here is yet another Parker video! Too cute!

One more

Here's one more funny picture from last nights bath. LOL.

Booty shot

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Week 16

Week 16, originally uploaded by jhdevenny.

I'm not sure why I made this weeks pic "old school cinemaesque"...but I did. Look at the cutie pie in the tub!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Jacob's haircut

Well we did it! Jacob has been wanting a buzz cut for a LONG time. I have been hesitant, but he wanted I told him I would do it after school pictures. School pictures have come and gone so I lived up to my promise. I did it this morning. I don't love it, but he wanted it.




(I changed this picture b/c he looked like a goober in the other one.)

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Parker game, originally uploaded by jhdevenny.

I give Parker so much grief. It's just that he's SUCH a mess, always into everything and it seems like he is always plotting what he will do next. He is the kid who stands outside the dugout heckling Jacob's team. He's 2 years old! Well, almost 3, but still! He is the kid who will whip it out anywhere and everywhere and start peeing before we even realize his pants are down. He is the one who will talk to anyone, about anything. He has such a big personality, just like Jacob, but they are so very different.

This weekend he gave up his paci. Yep, he finally did it! I know I blogged about it a long time ago, but he/we got back into the habit. The 'only bedtime' paci started making it's appearance more and more frequently. We got tired of always searching for the one paci, so I bought more. A couple times. Before I knew it, he had like 10 paci's again. But Thursday night we called it quits.

It was actually a HORRIBLE night, with him up for a 3 hour period screaming crying in the night. The following day, in my zombie like state, and just when I was contemplating defeat, I noticed that his ear was running. I knew exactly what it was, because before he had tubes this always used to happen. Then it allll started making sense. The screaming crying, the constant waking.....and all along he was telling me he wanted his paci so I assumed that's what it was. Coincidentally though, his ear drum had ruptured. I found this out the next day when I took him to the doctor, but I knew the minute I saw his ear. I felt so terrible for getting frustrated with him the night before! The pressure before it ruptured must have been insane.

Anyway, it's all said and done now because we have been without a paci for 3 nights now and he is on a round of antibiotics for his ears. All is calm again in the Devenny household and I am so proud of my little (big) man. Doesn't he look so grown up in this picture?

Also, just for laughs, here is a short video of him doing the 'Stanky Legg'. The Stanky Leg is a VERY stupid dance to a song that is out right now, but Parker loves it! LOL.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yay for the save!!

I love Matt. I think he is my favorite. His music is my style and I love his R&B/soulful voice. He isn't the best, but he could be. He is WAY better than Lil (why is she still in this?). Anyway, I realize he wont win...wont even make the top 4, but I love him. Thanks for giving me one more week, judges!

A random video

Here is a random video of the kiddos playing yesterday. I do video from time to time for no particular reason...just to 'get' them playing! It's long and kind of boring....but here it is. :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter in pictures

Easter bunny, Church, cooking, bloody mary's, 8 friends, 12 kids, wine, yummy food, egg hunts, football, cornhole, candy, beer and fun. That was our Easter. It was great.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Week 15

15/52, originally uploaded by jhdevenny.

Well, we are in the 15th week of 2009. Can you believe it!? I know I already posted a pic early in the week, but it was actually belated from last week. Oops! So here is the pic for this week, week 15. Playing outside in her pretty Easter dress!

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Artists Corner

I will give you one guess who was responsible for this....

I had her looking so pretty in her dress, too! What you cannot see is that it is all over her back also. He earned himself a time out for that one and he was not happy.

Dennis the Menace strikes again!!

Jacob's First Baseball game

First baseball game-1, originally uploaded by jhdevenny.

Well, his first game was last night. It was so fun and brought back so many memories of when I was little and used to watch Ty's games. Especially when I went to get Parker a ring pop from the concession stand. The smell of popcorn, mixed with hot dogs, mixed with Super Bubble bubble is a very distinct smell that just says, "BASEBALL!".

They lost the game 2-0 and didn't play very well, but I guess that's because it was the first game. More than half the team has never played before (Jacob included), so they just weren't sure what to do. Example: Jacob fielded a ground ball....which was great...but then started running to the base instead of throwing it to 2nd. The kids were just so confused! It was super cute. Jacob played 2nd base and batted 2nd also. We have another game Saturday morning and I can't wait. Kids spotrs is just so much fun!!

Week 14 pic

14/52, originally uploaded by jhdevenny.

Well here is the pic of the week. Appropriately in her stroller...because that's where she spends half her day! This picture was taken yesterday at Jacobs FIRST baseball game. (pic of that to come....)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Busy Days

Since I have gotten back from Rome I just can't get back into my blogging habit. So sorry! Things have been crazy around here as usual and I feel like I never have a minute. Baseball opening weekend was this past weekend so we are very excited about his first game! (Which was supposed to be tonight but was postponed for some reason). Of all the sports Jacob has played, he seems to like this one the best, so I am excited to see him be passionate about something. Besides his Wii or his DS of course! Kindergarten sign ups are next week and I am so excited for him to go. He is so excited and it is exciting for me to see him so anxious and giddy about it. Anyway, here are some pictures from opening day!

Eden has been sick most of the weekend so we are back to breathing treatments. When will this cold weather be GONE!? Ugh! Poor babe. She had fever in the 102's this weekend, but now it is back to normal. Just stuffy and chesty. Her cough sounds like the cough of an 80 year old smoker. So sad!

Last week we were also VERY busy 'launching' our 'Prosper Man Bowl'. Who would think it would be so much work!?? We hope it will be a huge event with at LEAST 10 teams. We are getting a band for half time of the championship game and hopefully a sports radio station to come. If we can get one of the many pro athletes who live in Prosper to come; perhaps 'Prime Time'??...that would be major for us. Cross your fingers! Here is the website if you want to check it out.

Speaking of Deion, his house is for sale. Anyone miss me enough to want to move to my little tiny town? Come on, if 38,000 square feet doesn't tempt you, I don't know what will!

In other news, I STUPIDLY ran a half marathon yesterday. Why, you ask? I don't even know. I ran it in 1:57 something, so my time wasn't too bad...but the race was horrible. My body just wasn't ready to race again after Rome. Not quite yet anyway. My knee was hurting just the littlest bit in these last 2 weeks after Rome and now it is seriously hurting. So bad that if I have to bend down and pick something up, I can't get back up without leaning over my other knee and using my opposite leg and arm to push myself up. Real smart on my part! Ugh. I did get 15th/183 people in my age group though. Not too bad for having just an OK time and a terrible race.

Well, I'm off to bed. Eden weekly pic coming soon......(read: tomorrow)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I had a perfect April Fools joke to play on Mike. I told him we were having tuna cakes for dinner and he thought that sounded good. Jacob has gymnastics tonight so I wanted to leave him something 'yummy' for dinner. I bought a can of the cat food pictured above and made his 'tuna cakes' with it. It was soooo disgusting smelling. I was on the phone with Ana as I was making them and I was practically dry heaving. She convinced me that it was way too mean so I threw them out before I cooked them. Mike owes Ana big time! LOL!

Rome marathon

When you get 15 minutes to spare, watch this video. A guy from our team made it and it REALLY captures our Rome experience as we could never describe how awesome it was! They played 'The Final Countdown' as we crossed the starting line. Notice the cobblestones, the men peeing, etc. What a great experience!