Sunday, May 18, 2008


Well, here it is...Sunday again. Where did the week go? The weeks are flying by so fast...she will be here before we know it! 10 weeks to go. I better get on the a serious way!

This weekend was fun. Friday we just chilled here. Saturday we went for a walk in the morning..up to the park. Came home and got ready, then went to lunch with the McCools. After that we went to a place called Adventure has goofy golf, go karts, batting cages, etc. The kids had a total blast and we wore them out! Last night Mike played poker (hence why I am up at 6 am on a Sunday morning...GRRRR). And now it is Sunday! Don't know what we will do depends on the weather I guess. I would like to go up to the neighborhood pool. It is supposed to be 90...and hopefully it will be pretty, too! I need some SUN on this white belly!

I have a Dr.'s appt, this week...I think Tuesday? It seems like I just went. When you start going every two weeks instead of monthly...the appointments get here before you know it. I am so glad this pregnancy is going so fast. I am DONE being pregnant this time! This is the first time I have been done at this point..usually this is the part that I really enjoy. I must be carrying her weird or something, b/c I am not *that* big...but am very uncomfortable already.

I think I am going to start painting her room this week. I am so excited about that! I am going to do a "beach" theme and I hope it turns out really cute. I ordered a bunch of starfish to "border" the wall and then got a chandelier to hang in her room. So fun doing girly stuff!!

Anyway....short and sweet for today but just wanted to give a quicky update. Here is a pic of the boys from this week to leave you with. :)

And also one of Jacob and Avery....Jacob's "smile" is so silly....

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Eden's first blog

OK, this keeping the name a secret stuff isn't very fun! It even means that I cannot share this blog with friends and family until she is born. That's OK though, just 11 short (or maybe long) weeks until she gets here. I wanted to blog and share the rest of my pregnancy, but mostly this page is set up for after she arrives; to be able to share pics, etc. with friends and family.

The pregnancy is going well so far! We took the boys to a 3D ultrasound place yesterday called "Stork Vision" to see her. We haven't brought them to any doctors appointments so far so we thought this would get them excited for her arrival. Unfortunately, Parker had no clue what he was seeing, and Jacob was being a pill and "wanted to go home". Mike and I enjoyed it was my Mothers Day present! By the way....after seeing prediction is that she looks more like Parker!

And speaking of Mother's is today! I woke up to breakfast in bed; coffee and pancakes. It was heavenly! Then I went for a walk and enjoyed the breezy, 57 degree morning. It was especially refreshing since yesterday it was a sweltering 90 degree day. Let me tell you that carrying around 20 (well, 21 to be exact) extra pounds is NO FUN in the heat!

Here is my last belly picture - taken last week at 27 weeks.

I don't look that big, but boy do I feel it! I am definitely trying to enjoy being pregnant though, since this is FOR SURE our last. My tubes will be tied to ensure that! This pregnancy was definitely a huge surprise for us....we got pregnant during an IUD switch out. With my UC being as bad as it is and all the medicine that I have to take....having another baby really wasn't in the cards for us even though I didn't feel "done". I guess God had other plans for us! And he even blessed us with a baby girl. We really could not be more excited to meet the baby.

Now maybe I should say a little about how her name came about. We had a few other names that we really liked, but I think we had all but decided on the name Chloe. We really loved the name and had jokingly called her that from the beginning...even before we knew if we were having a boy or a girl. Then when we actually found out it was a girl, we still weren't sure. We had a few other names too...Callie, Marin, Ella (Mike's first choice)...and a few others that I can't really remember now. We liked all of the names, but none of them just felt "right" to me. I know all babies are special, but we really felt like this one was a true miracle and a true gift to us. I wanted her to have a name that was special and unique. One that you didn't hear all the time, but one that wasn't "weird". I heard the name Eden and that was it. Eden Elizabeth she was, and I knew there was no changing. In my heart, I just *knew* that was her is hard to even explain. I mentioned it to Mike and told him how passionate I was about the name. He wasn't really sold at first, but said he would think about it. After a few days of me saying "Eden" and him thinking about it, he agreed that he liked it.

And so our Journey to Eden began. We can't wait to kiss her precious face and study every inch of her body. For you reading....I can't wait for you to share this journey with soon as she is born and I can reveal the name!! Oh, and I am sorry about keeping it a secret...but we knew the name was a little different...but we loved it sooo much and didn't want to hear anything negative about it at all. We knew that once she is born and named, no one would say the secret was born. I hope you all love her name as much as we do! She is our precious baby Eden and we cannot WAIT to meet her!!