Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Next stop....STATE!

GO EAGLES! (Jake D.'s best cheerleader!)

Our Prosper U8 All Star boys won the regional tournament this weekend in Little Elm. Now we are on our way to the STATE championships in a few weeks. GO PROSPER!

**Jacob bottom row, farthest on the right**
We celebrated the win and the break from a week of baseball (HALLELUJAH) with a trip to Hawaiian Falls today. I let Jacob have a friend spend the night (of course he chose Colin), and we met up with another mom and some boys from his team. They had a blast!

Congrats boys!

Of course Eden and Parker were up on that action

Annnnd, Eden snuggling with her boyfriend NoNo

Jacob and Colin

What an exciting weekend we had!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Go The F**K To Sleep!

I wonder how much he charges to come read your child a story at night. Cuz I could really use this book for Eden.

The "more water"...the twenty thousand "hugs and kisses".....the potty trips....the toes sticking out of the covers...the.......etc, etc, etc.....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Beach

Every year we go to the beach. Every year is more fun than the last. We drink bloody marys, we swim in the pool, we sit on the beach, we laugh, we talk, we enjoy each other. It's awesome. See?

Jacob learned to surf.....he LOVED it!

Even Mommy rode a tiny wave!

We went on a dolphin cruise...

And we did a million other things and made a million other memories that i couldn't possibly capture on camera. Love the beach trip!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Birthday recap!

Well the 5 year old had quite the birthday. Wednesday started out with presents (an itouch like his big bro!)

Then it was off to Jacobs award ceremony. He got the math award. Go Jacob!

Next up was a trip to the Nike store to pick out something. I had some time to kill and thought it would be fun. I assumed he'd pick out a t-shirt or something but I was wrong. He wanted wristbands and a flat brim hat! I tried and tried to talk him into something else but the dude knows what he likes. Thuggin!

After that we met up with his birthday buddy, Cole for some sand and splash park. The new Allen 'beach' is an awesome place for kids......and mom's! (Michelle and I found a great spot on the Gloria's patio overlooking the spray park. Corona Lights anyone?)

Birthday cake! It was like a caramel flan....(we were at a Mexican place)...Parker took one bite and said, ewww, gross! lol

After the spray park was straight to the pool to swim with his friends. We stayed there for about an hour and came home to get ready for dinner. Parker "wanted to eat with chopsticks" so we went to PFChangs. Yum!! We wandered around the Villages at Watters Creek before we ate for a minute and then it was off to eat with chopsticks.

We brought him a cake so his friends could sing again. Happy Birthday Parker!

We got home at about 930, showered and threw everyone into the bed. The next day was field day for Jacob and Parker's birthday party so we had a big day!

We celebrated Parker and Cole's birthday together and Cole's family's neighborhood pool. We have a lot of the same friends, and since they have the same birthday we thought it would be fun....and we were right! Parker requested a DJ and I was very happy to oblige. A boy after my own heart! The guy that cuts my hair is not only super awesome, but is a DJ in a Beastie Boys tribute band. I called him and he said that he usually doesn't do stuff like this but that he wanted to do it. Love him! He made the party so fun and cool. Parker was mesmerized and said "I cant wait to be a DJ when I get big!".

We think there were about 75 people there. 20 pizzas disappeared in minutes and the cake that was supposed to serve 75-100 people didn't have a crumb left. It was a great time. We have the greatest friends! Happy Birthday again P Diddy and CoCo!!

We came home and opened presents (OMG was bigger than Christmas!), and finally got the kids down at about 11 pm. We were all exhausted! Today was Jacobs last day of school, so after Parker, Eden and I attended his end of year party we came home so he could skateboard!! A few of our best friends went in together to get him all the skateboarding necessities 9a skateboard was what he wanted the most). He got a skateboard, a ramp, helmet and some cool pads (and they threw some DJ headphones in there as well! ;)) He is in heaven!

Thank you to everyone who made Parker's birthday so special. I think in my next life I want to come back as Parker!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Parker!

Many things are given to you in your life. Some are opportunities, some are decisions, some are a test. Others make life difficult but make you stronger. This one? Pure joy. Honestly he is a ray of sunshine.

Parker you have made my life 1000x times more awesome. I love you so much and you are a joy 100% of the time!! Not sure many people can say that about their kids. But you are one in a million and bring sunshine not only to my life, and everyone else's life that you are around. Love my little Gemini! Happy Birthday Pooh Bear. I love you so much!!