Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Eden!

Hard to believe it's been 3 years. It seems like yesterday that I wrote this. Or this. Or this. I just love her so much...she brings me so much joy!

Here are some pictures from her gymnastics party on Sunday. Considering this was thrown together in a DAY (not kidding...invites and all), it was a total success...she loved it!

I'm "3"!

Happy Birthday baby! We love you SO MUCH!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our 8 year old State champ!!

Well, tomorrow at exactly 8:08 pm, Jacob turns 8. WOW, all the 8's. My favorite number...must be his year to shine. ;)

Anywho...our Prosper U8 All stars clenched the State title on Thursday night. We spent a week in Center, Texas and walked away with a State Championship. To think of all the teams that those boys had to beat to get there is amazing. Every team there obviously had to win their district. (There were 12 teams I think? And they each had to beat about that many to get there? Do the math...)

For the championship game we had to beat the same team twice. We had a loss under our belt (not to make excuses, but our team had the stomach bug all week...yes, you read that least half the team!)...and the team we were playing had not lost yet. Since it was a double elimination tournament, we had to beat them twice the night of the championship to win it. And that we did.

The boys played great, Jacob was a monster at the bat and caught every ball hit to him, and it was an all around AWESOME night. The nerves, emotion and excitement of it all were almost too much to handle. When they introduced the players? I cried. When the national anthem played? Yep, cried then too. When the last out was made in the final game? You guessed it, I also cried then. It was amazing! Saturday the World Series starts. Our first 3 games are Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi. I will keep everyone updated through Facebook. CRAZY!

Go PROSPER! (remember you can click picture to make bigger..)

And here's for my favorite 8 year old. You are so amazingly talented and I couldnt love you more or be more proud. You are so friggin cute, amazingly smart and so althletic. You work hard at everything you do and it shows. I love you Jake D!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


State tournament week is here! We have one win under our belt....4 more to go till we are state champs. *fingers crossed* Go Prosper!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Girls Weekend!

Girls weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year. It is not only fun but refreshing. I laugh so hard that it is just a huge release for me. SO NEEDED! A bunch of girls (and a few guys too) from high school...getting together for nothing but fun. Honestly cant beat it. Only bad part? I suffer mild depression when I get home. :( Booo.

*One more picture...I took this from the airplane as I was leaving. I had my face pressed up against the window with tears in my eyes. Hate leaving this gorgeous place. :( Salt life is the life for me! :(

The gorgeous Destin pass.

**Thanks to Stacie, Laura and Heather for the pics. In typical me fashion, I didn't bring my camera!