Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve

WOW. What a decade. Looking back, I can't believe how action packed and fun filled it has been!

2000 - Mike and I got engaged

2001 - Mike and I got married

2002 - We got pregnant...and ITS A BOY!!

2003 - We had our first baby! Jacob Michael 8 lbs. 10 oz.

2004 - Bought our first home. How exciting!

2005 - Surprise! We are pregnant again! Its another BOY!

2006 - We have new member of our family! Parker James 8 lbs. 10 oz.

2007 - We built our first home...and double surprise...we're pregnant again! It's a GIRL!

2008 - We welcomed the most beautiful baby girl. Eden Elizabeth 7 lbs. 9 oz.

2009 - Well, it was the least eventful year of the decade, but we did cross a trip to Hawaii off of our bucket list, and I ran an amazing marathon in Rome! :)

We wish everyone a very happy New Year and can't wait to see what the next decade will bring! All I know is that I will have a 16 year old, a 13 year old and an 11 year old. OMG!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Devennys Spreading Holiday Cheer

I don't know why I tried to get a pic of the kids at this time of the day, but I did. Unfortunately, it did not yield the results I had hoped! It did though, remind me that it was wine time! (and WHINE time)

Me telling the kids to stand still for a minute so I can take their picture. Parker makes his stoned smile face (a very familiar look for him) and Eden is still recovering from the snatched car (see half dried tear on cheek).

Them being told where to sit. Eden not amused to be on lap, Parker in his own world (per usual) and Jacob obeying nicely.

Eden throwing fit and Parker giving me the best smile he can. The minute I say "smile guys!" his eyes close and stay that way.

Eden still fit throwing and Parker still 'asleep'.

Jacobs smile starting to get faker and his nostrils start flaring. What always happens when he smiles for too long. Parker still sleeping and Eden looking stoned. Still mad.

Cropped baby Diva out so I could get at least one decent pic.

Jacob looking like a serial killer (he has been smiling way too long) and Eden getting up to show me that she is still mad. (note that Parker is still sleep smiling)

Diva storimg off, Jacob starting to tire and Parker still assuming the position.

Oh uh, now she's mad.

Pancake on the floor time! :)

She thinks she'll look back to be sure she still has an audience.

Eden still crying, now in other room. Boys tired of sitting. At least its a pretty cute pic.

Another OK one.

Uh oh, she's coming back! Parker is done anyway.

And one more for the road.

This is what almost every photo session in this house consists of! Tears from one, fake smile from the other and then one living on Mars. Sigh. I don't know how you all get such cute pics of all your kids at once!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

I owe you big...

I owe you big. A big, huge, long blog. I have been so slack (read: BUSY!) lately that my poor blog has suffered. I'm sure Mama Lou is the only one that has noticed....but I havent blogged much in the last several weeks. Sooo, here is what we have been doing.

The Devenny's came for Mike's 35th birthday. We had a great time and they were a lot of help to us! We went to the Dallas Aquarium

Went to Jacob's football "Super Bowl"

did LOTS of eating, and celebrated Mike's birthday. We had a great time!

After that fun weekend, we had Thanksgiving to get ready for! School is always fun for the kids that week before. Parker had his Thanksgiving Feast at school and it was sooo cute to watch him sing.

They sang a silly song about turkeys and he was cracking up during it! It was soo cute!

Then we ate Thanksgiving lunch together at school.

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Ana and I took a road trip to San Angelo to see our favorite band, Maroon 5. We had an AWESOME night and met some fun new friends

Then after seeing that picture of myself, I promptly went to the hairdresser. I HAD to do something to about looking like a 12 year old. YUCK!! She put some dark in my hair and then my hair guy put some texture in.

Having the kids home last week was so much fun! (read: wowweweresobored) I took them to the mall one day to kill some time and the boys decided they wanted to "wear their work shirts". So they got dressed in their button downs and off we went. When we got there, the line for Santa was nonexistant and they were pretty well dressed, so I thought, what the hell..

I spent the entire day Wednesday cooking in anticipation of having a great Thanksgiving Day over at the Jordans. AT 10:30 that night, Mike got a text from Chris saying that Ana was the last victim of the stomach bug that had infiltrated their I knew Thanksgiving at their house was out. We switched gears and invited the Havlovics over here for the day. We had FANTASTIC time and the kids we sooo well behaved. The comany and food was great, couldn't have asked for a better day...except if the Jordans had been able to come! ;)

We recovered from the mass amounts of food we ate and Mike headed out for golf the next day bright and early. When he came home, I went out shopping and to a movie with Ana. I scored some good Black Friday sales and we saw the movie 'Precious'. WOW...what a movie. If you have the opportunity, please seize it and go see it. Incredible acting and what a sad story!

Saturday morning we all woke up at 6 m sharp and headed for a 5K race in downtown McKinney. Jacob really wanted to do it because he wanted to get a medal, but we thought it was way too far. I figured we'd walk most of the way, but I thought even so that it was too far for his little legs. Much to my shock, we ran the whole 3 miles!! He insisted on keeping running even thought I asked him multiple times if he wanted to stop and walk a minute. We did the 3.1 miles in 33 minutes. I was amazed and so proud of him!! Unforch, I forgot my camera. Major duh!

Yesterday was the last day of the long holiday week so we took the day to decorate for Christmas. The boys went and got the tree while I decorated the house. They came home and we all decorated the tree together. It looks beautiful even though only the top part has ornaments on it! I have never had to do that before but Eden is a little maniac!! 10 bucks that the tree is pulled down at some point.....and I'm not kidding! Wild child!

Ta da!! (If you click on this picture to enlarge it, notice Parker has a bald spot on the top of his head. He got crazy with the scissors AGAIN! Dennis!!)

And lastly, baby girl has learned to smile for the camera! When I say "smile!" she says "Cheeeez!" and shows me all of her teeth. Too cute!

So there you have it....the last 3 weeks of our life. Now that I am caught up, it will be easier to blog! When I have sooo much to blog about, its hard to find the (at least) 30 minutes to do so!