Friday, May 20, 2011


Not sure why, but I randomly googled my name this morning. I came across my training blog from my first marathon back in 2005. It was so fun to read!

My Training Diary

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Parkers graduation!

I can't believe my Parker is going to Kindergarten next year. I am so excited for him, he is going to do so great! Today is their last day of school and they had their Pre-K graduation last night.

Parker and Preston with their big boy Prosper Eagle shirts!

My big boy!

His awesome teacher that I just love so much! (and so does he!)

Pre-K graduate!

Parker and his BFF Preston

I love him!

Us and our little P's!

Congrats Pooh Bear!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

How sweep it is!

Yesterday rocked. Not only did the Mavs sweep the Lakers...but our Crush boys swept the tournament! The tournament this weekend was at Craig Ranch and we won it. GO CRUSH!

And just for sitting out there all weekend long...look who got the team's extra trophy!

Happy Mothers Day to me!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day

This Mother's Day I will be celebrating from the ball fields. So fitting and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks to my kids who made me a mom. It is fun, hard, wonderful, trying, amazing, and many, many other things. I am honored to be one.

I was thinking the other day when I randomly heard a song on the radio, that there are a few songs that will always belong to my kids. When I had my babies, I didn't know any lullabies. I even sang Rock-a-bye Baby wrong and would forget what would happen when the cradle would fall. So, when I rocked my kids to sleep, I would just sing them songs that I knew. And then one would "stick". For Jacob, it was 'Return to Pooh Corner' by Kenny Loggins. I LOVE Kenny Loggins and I really love this song. It reminds me so much of when we moved to Texas when Jacob was 2 weeks old. I didn't know a soul in town. I would just drive around town and 'get to know' my new city all day long...and play this CD. Then at night I would rock him to sleep and sing it to him. To this day I cry when I hear it. Love you Jake D!

And to think he is almost 8. Insane!!

For Parker, it was 'Maybe I'm Amazed' by Paul McCartney. When I was close to delivering Parker, my sister in law Laura was in the hospital with Pre-eclampsia. I would drive over to Ft. Worth to keep her company as often as my schedule would allow. Jem had just come out with a new version of this song and I listened to it on repeat. After Parker was born, it was my song choice to sing. Rock and sing...rock and sing. But this song will never belong to Jem...only Paul! This ones for you Pooh Bear!

My little easygoing almost 5 year old party animal!

And now my baby little darling! There is no significance was just the song that would come to mind in the wee hours of the morning. So here's to you Eden. I love you!

You are so cute baby girl. The fact that you are almost 3 is mind boggling.

But Mother's Day will never belong to is still my Mom's day! I cannot believe you did all these things for me, felt this way about me and sacrificed so much for me....until I did with my own children. We love you so much Bebe. Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My budding artist

I'm gonna brag for a moment. One of Jacob's pieces of art that he created at school was selected to be displayed in a local business. We have a reception Thursday evening to go see it. Very proud of him! I dont have a picture of it yet, because I haven't even seen it, but here is one that he did recently at school. I framed it and hung it on the is so good. Looks like something you would buy! Very proud of you Jake D!