Sunday, August 28, 2011


Are you ready for some fooooootbaaaaaaaaalllll? Yep, football season is here. Jacob made the move this year from flag to tackle, and Parker is old enough to play flag this year. Already, even practice has been so much fun to watch! Jacob and Parker were both supposed to have opening weekend this weekend, but because of the terrible heat, they pushed back tackle opening weekend 2 weeks. Parker still had his opening ceremonies though and 4 scrimmages yesterday. Even though it was a breezy 106 degrees, it was still really fun to watch.

Eden and her boyfriend NoNo before the game ready to cheer. Go Longhorns! (Parker's team...)

Big brothers!

Running through the tunnel at opening ceremonies. SERIOUSLY CUTE!!

Parker and his best buds, Cole and Preston. (think his jersey is big enough??)

Making a great block (on the left). Go P-Diddy!

I'm after you #7!

Got his flag! WHOOP!


Parker, Preston and Cole on the line

His adorable 3 point stance!

Thanks to Ashley for these awesome pictures!! Maybe one of these days I will bring MY camera to a game...but then pictures aren't nearly as good as Ashley' maybe not! ;)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First day of school!

So, here's the obligatory 'first day of school' blog! :) Having a Kindergartener always makes for a fun first day. The nerves, excitement and anticipation make the experience even more fun! Jacob going to 2nd grade was exciting too, but there is nothing like having a Kindergartener.

First day of school pancakes!

Where the backpacks will live for the next 9 months..

Sleepy head could not get out of bed to take her brothers to school! Love my lil summer baby.

Welcome back!

Parker at his desk

Jacob the big bad 2nd grader! :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Eden's ears!

Alllllll Eden wanted for her birthday was to get her ears pierced. It was a little earlier than I had imagined, but that's what she wanted and honestly I didn't really care that much! So on her birthday off we went to get them done. She didn't even know to be nervous, which was great. She did cry a little right when they did it, but recovered quickly. She LOVES them! Some friends came to was fun!

Once she got in the chair she was a little curious as to what was about to happen...

Holding her still...


About 2 minutes later. It's done and she's all happy!

The spectators!

And afterward it was off to the cupcake shop for a birthday cupcake! Happy Birthday you gorgeous thing!

World Series Champs

This summer has seemed like a dream. You would think that after all this crazy baseball that we would be so relieved that its over! Not the case at all. It was so, so, so fun. The boys did incredibly well and brought home the title. For 8U baseball, this is the farthest you can go. There is no "little league world series on TV" for 8 year olds....this is it. They beat so many great teams to get the win and I could not be more proud of them. It is very bittersweet that it is over!


After the World Series was over, several of our friends from the team were going to Florida for a vacay....and so were we! We stayed with Ty and Laura and had so much fun!

After those few days, we headed over to stay with my parents and Mikes parent for a few days. Some of our other friends were staying out in Grayton Beach so we got to see them too. Fun, fun!!

Prosper Crew!

**thanks for the awesome pics Ashley!

Now? Back to reality and more importantly BACK TO SCHOOL! Cant wait!