Monday, July 14, 2008

2 weeks to go!

2 weeks from today, our little Eden will be here. Everything is done and we are 100% ready for her....and sooooo excited! Trisha and Maitlen come to visit on Sunday, stay until Thursday and then Friday my mom comes for baby! It has approached so quickly and I cant believe it is that time already.

Everything else is going well. Jacob's b-day is next Friday and his party is next Wednesday, so he is really excited about that. All is well with Parker also. We have gotten him adjusted into Jacob's room in a bed, so that is nice.

So that's all for today really...not too much to say. I have been keeping a list though of what people think the baby's name is. Besides Laura, no one has guessed it. I just love hearing all the guesses!!

Betty - Eve

Tom - Sarah

Kim - Megan

Mitch - Stephanie

Katelynn - Raven

Scott - Allison

Chris & Ashley - Sarah or Julia

Laura - Eden

Tammy - Hope or Faith

Monica - Isabel "Izzy"

Deborah - Sarah or Grace

That's all that I can remember. I think some people haven't told me their guesses though...or else they don't have guesses. Fun, fun!!