Monday, August 31, 2009


34/52, originally uploaded by jhdevenny.

Her toes are so cute that I decided to make it the POTW! :) So here goes, week 34. :)

Bus stop

Oh how Eden loves 3:20! She waves and waves and waves at nothing....and then when she hears the squeal of the bus brakes she gets so excited!! She runs up to Jacob and gives him a big hug. It is so cute!!

Check out her toes! (and remember to click for larger pics....the quality is horrible when they post for some reason)



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Nate, originally uploaded by jhdevenny.

Look at this little booger! We had so much fun with them in town last week. Parker and Nate were like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum; following each other around and playing beautifully! No fighting or anything.....they played fabulous! We love you guys and thanks for the visit!! XOXO


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Eden and Mommy

Thanks for the pic Trisha! Sadly, Eden and I have very few pictures together.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Eden and Leah

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The girls are having so much fun with each other! The age (and size!) gap has pretty much closed and they are just oh so cute together. Enjoy a few pics of the two cutest girls in town! :)

***click on the pics for the full picture!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jacob first day of school

Here is a short video of Jacob getting off the bus on the first day of school. It's not very exciting, but watching Parker & Eden (espesh Eden) waving to him is so cute! Sorry about my poor video skills....I bent down to get the mail off the grass and I guess I forgot I was holding the camera.



This weekend we had our dinner club and the hosts decided on a Luau. They smoked a whole pig and we had so much fun!! Here's a few pics. :)

Monday, August 24, 2009


Well the long awaited day has finally arrived. We all went to bed very excited last night and jumped out of bed this morning. We all had pancakes (Kindergarten boy's request) and then got ready for Jacob's special day!

(Looks like someone found their nose on the first day of Kindergarten!)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Peek a Boo!!!

33/52, originally uploaded by jhdevenny.

Her favorite game. She hides behind everything and then pops her cute little head out. AND....her first little pony tail. Everyone tells me that if I don't start 'playing' with her hair now.....she won't let me when she is a little older.

So here it is! 33/52.


Do you guys remember why I started doing all of this Team in Training stuff? I read a story of a girl from here, who had a baby about 4 months after I had Jacob. Her daughter, Allie was diagnosed with Leukemia at 5 months of age. I followed her blog every day, sometimes two and three times a day. I would sit at my computer and sob; imagining the horror that she must be living with her precious baby girl in the hospital hooked up to every machine possible. Her daughter passed away in September of 2004, at only 9 months old. I cried and cried and cried. Allie's story inspired me to run my first marathon. To raise money and do my part in helping cure these horrible cancers that take our babies, family members, and friends from us.

I still follow Jenny's blog (Allie's mom). She has had another baby girl since then and is about halfway through another pregnancy. In Allies memory, she has started a charity to help the families of cancer patients and survivors. She is honoring Allie's legacy in every way she can.

If Allie had lived, she would be 5 1/2 years old. She too would be starting Kindergarten on Monday. I wanted to share Jenny's blog post with you. Read the comments too. And be thankful for what you have.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Missing mom gene?

I think I am missing a crucial gene. The 'mom gene' that governs over all things 'children' and that produces tears at every step of the child's life; from getting shots, to dropping them off at pre-school for the first time and then of course the dreaded "first day of Kindergarten" and all of the emotions that come along with it. While other moms are already buying stock in Kleenex, preparing mentally for the first day of Kindergarten ("oh how baby is leaving the nest!!") and vaclempt with the nostalgia of their 'babies' and how fast time has flown.....I am excited.

What is wrong with me? Seriously...??? I do not feel an ounce of sadness or weepiness. I am ready, Jacob is ready, and I am so excited for this time in his life. I am so happy for him that I can't even imagine feeling any kind of 'loss' of my own. While other moms will most certainly be Boo-Hooing at the "Boo-Hoo Breakfast" (held in the cafeteria on the first day of school), *I* will most certainly be hopping from table to table, recognizing people I haven't seen in a while and asking who got which teacher.

Furthermore, I have a hard time imagining that I will ever feel this "sadness" to see my children reaching their milestones. As previously stated, I feel such joy for them that the pain that I might experience is completely overshadowed....buried (maybe?) so deep in me that I can't even feel it. Or else I am just missing this essential 'mom gene' altogether.

So we will see if something comes over me Monday and the 'mom gene' rears her head.....but it is doubtful. Someone assure me that I am not an unfeeling statue of a person!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some funnies for your morning.

I am crying watching these news "bloopers". LOL!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pool day!

Well since it is a hundred million degrees in Texas, we live at the pool most days. Today was one of those days!! Ya know....woke up, couldn't figure out what to do. All 4 of us paced the house bored until we ultimately decided to hit the pool. Again. You wouldn't think swimming would get old, but I am about sick of it! We had a fun day today and I got some cute pictures of the hoodlums....errr, I mean kids. :)

They insisted on riding their bikes...which is fine for Jacob. Parker? Well we all know he is 'Pokey Jones' so it takes him FOR-EH-VER. He just coasts along without a care in the world...meanwhile I am causing a traffic jam by following alongside him at .00001 mph.

Jacob posing before he gets in. Like Father like Son!

So excited to hop in after the 15 minute, .3 mile bike ride to the pool in the sweltering heat.

Playing in the splash area

Jacob being a sweet brother

Finding someones leftover snack on the pool deck.

Oops, as we get a closer look we can see that she is getting a protein filled dragonfly for snack instead of someones stale cheerios. Ick. (and no stone throwing at the fact that not only have I not brought her a snack of her own, but that her nails are in desperate need of a cutting. Cut me a break, summer has worn on me.)

Even though she eats bugs, she is still cute.


Cuz bugs make me "so big"!

Her new look. She walks around like an old man with no teeth all the time. Hilarious.


Friday, August 7, 2009


32/52, originally uploaded by jhdevenny.

Eden playing with her Dolly. She is in love with all of her little dollys!! She hugs them, kisses them, pushes them around in the stroller and says "ahhhhh" to them all day long. Such a girl!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Girls Night Out!!!

Saturday night we had a girls night out here in Texas. Not to be confused with the big girls night out in Florida. I am so lucky to have such great girlfriends in all states!! ;)

Fun times!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just one more picture!

010, originally uploaded by jhdevenny.

Out of allll the awesome gifts that Eden got for her first birthday (and thanks you all...because they are truly awesome), She still sits at my feet in the study and does this! She gets the envelopes and the CD's out of the desk drawer and puts the CD's in the box and then out of the box. In the box and then out of the box. Then she'll put them back in the drawer and close the drawer. Open and repeat. She can do this for 30 minutes at least!

Had to share. :)


31/52, originally uploaded by jhdevenny.

I'm not sure what I like about this picture since it is so dark.....but maybe that's just it! I love that you can see the light coming through the window onto her, but everything else turned out dark. From a photographers point of view, this is a bad picture, but I kind of like it!


30/52, originally uploaded by jhdevenny.

Happy Birthday Eden!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Parker diving

Check out Parker diving yesterday at the McCools. Hilarious!!