Monday, June 28, 2010

Trophy Party

Well, this weekend was pretty quiet, but good! Friday night Mike and I got a last minute sitter and went to happy hour with the McCools and some of our neighbors. It was really fun! I haven't been out at happy hour time in a while, and we had a great time.

Here are come crappy pictures we took with my phone. Ash and I obviously had similar ideas on what to wear!

Ash, neighbor Courtney and I. Fun, fun!

Then Saturday was Parker's end of season T-Ball party. We had it at one of the neighborhood pools. We loved his team and coaches so of course the party was fun for all.

Parker getting his first trophy!

All worn out after 3 hours of swimming.

The week ahead seems fairly uneventful which is GREAT. Of course July 4th festivities this weekend should keep us busy. Fun summer days!

Monday, June 21, 2010


So, the last 20 or so times I have blogged (just a guess, I didn't count) have just been picture posts. I will say a few words, post a few darling pictures of my kids, and there you have it...a blog post.

What have we really been doing? A whole lot of EVERYTHING. The school year came to an end (which is always crazy for everyone), the marathon came and went (yes I am still bitter), our Florida trip came and went (nothing to be bitter about there, except for that I left one of my prized possessions in the room that has not been recovered...boohoo), All Star baseball season came and went (very quickly I might add...poor boys....although Jacob was a TOTAL rockstar, so proud of my little stud) and now June is almost over.

Whew, I am tired just writing it.

Sometimes I feel like a and calm on the surface but paddling like mad underneath. So much to do with 3 kiddos! But of course I wouldn't have it any other way and I love being crazy busy. It definitely beats being crazy bored. :) Plus, the crazy schedule brings with it no less than 2375926475 glasses of wine, which always helps in maintaining my sanity.

I am on Doctors orders to rest a bit to allow my knee to heal, which anyone who knows me knows that this is VERY hard for me to do. I could be at the gym from 9-5 every single day if I didn't have any other responsibilities! I absolutely love it and it is hard for me to take a break. But I know its necessary so I am trying to do so. For anyone who didn't know, I hurt my knee in the marathon, Doctor thought for sure it was a torn Meniscus but after a clean MRI, he now things maybe not. He said it could have just been "hiding" and not shown up on the MRI, but put me on Steroids and rest to see if it will go away. I'm not in pain at all anymore, but I know when I try to run I probably will have a little we'll see.

Nothing else to share I suppose, just swimming every day, enjoying no alarm clock over the summer and looking forward to a second trip to Florida in July. Remember this? Well, its happening again!! And I cant wait...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Beach

OK since my last post was a total Debbie Downer, now you are in for a treat. BEACH PICS!

My moms side of the family has been going on an annual beach family reunion every year since I was little. Our family used to be so small that we could fit in one condo. Some of my very fondest memories growing up are from our beach trips.

Like the time I got to shave my legs for the first time. My mom, aunt and grandma all went into the jacuzzi tub with me, filled it up with bubbles, ate cucumber sandwiches and drank Bloody Marys (obvs virgin for me...I was 10!), and they taught me how to shave.

Or the time in high school when a friend would come to spend the night out in the condo and my cool as hell uncle would give us alcohol. And then we'd sneak downstairs at night with our boyfriends and kiss in the pool. That was so cool.

Or the time in college when I invited Mike out to the condo and he totally blew me off. My mom, aunts and grandma sat on the back porch with me while I cried and smoked cigarettes and they consoled me. (funny huh?)

Well now that I am a 'grown up' and have kids of my own, the tradition continues. It is so fun to watch the second generation of kids playing in the sand, swimming in the ocean (my heart BREAKS that that may be the last time.....) and cannonballing into the pool. Super fun times.

Jacob and my cousin, Alex

The boys!

Laura and the kids

The girls!

Beautiful, gorgeous Leah - my niece

My super cool nephew (and Parker's nemesis and BFF) Nate

Now my kiddos of course

The kids "driving the boat" on the dolphin cruise!

And now here are some family pics I took also.

The Devenny fam

Me and my baby girl

Beautiful boys

The Hanson fam

My beautiful grandmother, Mama Lou and her grandkids and great grandkids!

Bebe with her 5 grandkids

My mom and the girls!

The kids playin

The whole crew!

SO FUN!! And I am already counting the days until next year....

The Marathon

So, 4 months, 17 Saturdays up at 5:30 am, approximately 420 training miles all culminated into one day. Marathon day!!

So how did it turn out? Terrible.

I hurt my knee and finished an hour over my goal time. That wasn't the terrible part though. The pain. Ohhhhhh the pain. And wow, its like forget how mental the whole thing is. And did I mention I was in pain? ;)

My MRI was this morning and Friday is my appointment. It is feeling fabulous at the moment, but it hurt SO BAD during and after the race that I am worried something is wrong. A wise person told me not to worry, so I'm trying not to. ;) Worrying is my nature do I not worry?

I could go one and on about the experience, how disappointing it was, alllllll that training just to get injured....but instead of hearing me moan and groan I will leave you with some cute pics from the weekend, how bout that? ;)

Here are are holding up our "in honor of hank" signs. Hanks Homies!!

Pre-race pasta dinner

Post pasta party

Our AWESOME North Cities team!

Post race Nobu dinner. YUMMY! (And I'm not talkin about the girls know what I'm sayin...;) )

According to this last pic, we won the marathon with a super duper time of 2:03. GO HANKS HOMIES!! It was an awesome training season with all of you and we had a great time. I love you all!!

(thanks for the cute pic ash!)