Sunday, August 28, 2011


Are you ready for some fooooootbaaaaaaaaalllll? Yep, football season is here. Jacob made the move this year from flag to tackle, and Parker is old enough to play flag this year. Already, even practice has been so much fun to watch! Jacob and Parker were both supposed to have opening weekend this weekend, but because of the terrible heat, they pushed back tackle opening weekend 2 weeks. Parker still had his opening ceremonies though and 4 scrimmages yesterday. Even though it was a breezy 106 degrees, it was still really fun to watch.

Eden and her boyfriend NoNo before the game ready to cheer. Go Longhorns! (Parker's team...)

Big brothers!

Running through the tunnel at opening ceremonies. SERIOUSLY CUTE!!

Parker and his best buds, Cole and Preston. (think his jersey is big enough??)

Making a great block (on the left). Go P-Diddy!

I'm after you #7!

Got his flag! WHOOP!


Parker, Preston and Cole on the line

His adorable 3 point stance!

Thanks to Ashley for these awesome pictures!! Maybe one of these days I will bring MY camera to a game...but then pictures aren't nearly as good as Ashley' maybe not! ;)

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